Sunday, 14 October 2012

Good Programming - Crafting the code


Coding is an art. It has to be "Crafted with Passion".
Good Programming stems from your attitude. It lies in understanding the approach and always wanting to write the best software you can. Professional programmers take responsibility for the code they write. Programs should be written well, well structured and easy to read. It is not just about laziness, ignorance or lack of time but is related to skills, intelligence, aptitude and passion for the job

"Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute"
Abelson & Sussman

Characteristics of a Good Programmer
  • Passionate - Good Programmers have the tendency to write code even if they are not paid for it.
  • Progressive learning - Technology and tools advances daily. What a good programmer does is learn. He/She is open to self learn and rapidly improve his/her proficiency in their skill.
  • Master in few with breath of Technology Knowledge-  As good programmers love to learn as result of passion, it is fun in trying their hands on variety of technologies and programming languages. Ultimately they will end up as experts in few of them.
  • Smart  and Intelligent - Their breath of knowledge helps them in having great coversations on variety of topics. 

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  1. ur posts are really nice :) tnx for the inspiration and tech help :)