Friday, 29 July 2016

[Solution] How to embed images from dropbox in blogger

When we try to embed images uploaded in dropbox in your blog, when composing with

Your public link will not work. As your link may look as below -


This is not a actual link instead an embedded page. To resolve this  you postfix ?raw=1 in your URL and the problem will be resolved.

The new URL looks as below


Happy Blogging !!

[Android Studio] Solution : Android N requires the IDE to be running with JDK 1.8

Android N Requires the IDE To be running with Java 1.8 or later. Install a supported JDK.

Eventhough we install the JDK 1.8, this error comes up, and we are not able to work on Design view of a Mobile Phone.

Solution to the Problem :

Found a solution here

  • Quit Android Studio
  • Edit the file /Applications/Android\
  • remove the versions and change it to 1.8
  • The changes in my file looks as below

  • Restart Android Studio.

Now the problem will be resolved in the Design view of the Activity View